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Moving Abroad Tips

The Schedule of International Service

We will arrange an appointment at your convenience to discuss with you your planned move abroad. We will explain our International Services they provide and agree with you exactly what's to be included in the quotation, together with a detailed Service Specification of what will and won't be included in the final move.

What To Take Abroad

When moving abroad it is important that you 'the customer' do your own research to the country you are moving to and what to take or not to take with you.
For example, some EU countries will only insure work carried out by qualified tradesman, particularly in France. This needs to be considered because depending upon your finances it could determine what you take with you when moving abroad.

White Goods Abroad

This is something that MUST be researched, especially as regards to cookers. One of our clients moved to France and took their English Electric Oven with them. It was only when they went to use it that they discovered that the oven and four rings on the go whilst cooking dinner that there was not enough power coming into the house. The house only had a supply of 9KW and the English Oven uses 8KW. When considering 'white goods' it is not only the plugs that have to be changed, but also the wall sockets too. Consideration should be given to the fact that it might be cheaper to actually buy these items abroad.

The Moving Abroad Date

When moving abroad the 'logistics' are more involved and require more planning. We will ask you to arrange a date as far ahead as possible so we can plan the logistics of your move. Please don't guess the date and this does not help us to help you. Please keep us informed if you think we may need to react at short notice.

Main Services Abroad

Unless you are fluent in the language of the country you are moving to, please bear in mind that organizing main services in another country can take longer than you think. Many of our clients have been caught out how long it takes to organize the 'transfer' of main services to their name and the amount of paper work involved.

We are not allowed to tamper with the Mains Services to your dwelling abroad. Please make arrangements with your gas / electricity provider well in advance in the country you are moving to. Also, you make want to inform your telephone company and internet service provider that you are moving so you keep your existing telephone numbers and internet service.

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